The Benefits of Buying a Newly Built Home in 2024

While the early 2020s were categorized by tumultuous and unpredictable markets a bit of stability is on the horizon, making it a good time to buy a new home in Denver. That positions new builds, with no surprise issues or extra move-in labor required, as a safer and more dependable option.

Why Buy a New Home?

New Homes Are Easy & Convenient

Buying a ‘new build’ home rather than one already lived in brings with it a litany of benefits. The first of these is the convenience. Anyone who’s experienced the homebuying process before knows that home inspections almost always reveal problems that require addressing before you can move in. Whether it’s a plumbing or electrical issue or even just an aesthetic you want to change, it’s rare to buy an already lived-in house without having to do some work on it before you can call it home.

New Homes Give You Peace of Mind (and Are Cost-Effective)

Another convenient aspect of buying a new home from a reputable builder is that they are built with the most up-to-date techniques and finishes. That means you can trust that they’ll last longer than if they weren’t new and won’t require as much maintenance or updating within your first few years of living in your new home.

Most new homes (and all Koelbel homes) also come with a ‘new home warranty’ which can help keep your mind (and wallet) at ease if any problems do arise.

Not having any surprise issues or wear and tear on the home you buy doesn’t just save you time and effort, but money too. While a new home may cost more than one previously owned, there aren’t any unexpected repairs or maintenance to budget for. Koelbel also offers financial incentives and grants in certain communities, further easing the financial burden of moving into a new construction home.

New Homes Are More Energy Efficient

A new home means new wiring, new technology, and new appliances. The point? A new home means a new level of energy efficiency, which helps both your wallet and the environment. New and sustainable home designs are often built with modern insulation and ‘smart’ technology, such as thermostats that can be controlled from your phone. These features allow you to save on things like heating and cooling costs by only using those systems while you’re home. A house with a smaller ecological footprint is also a nice bonus for the eco-conscious.

New Homes Are Often Well Located

Every new home builder has to select the location in which they’re building carefully — making sure to consider available nearby services, access to employment centers, and typically popular recreation options. When you buy a new home, that means that recent research and thought have been put toward the area it’s in. While you may already know the general area you want to be in, buying new homes can help you zero in on an exact community. Koelbel Communities are spread out across Denver and the surrounding areas, giving you a wealth of options.

Interested In Learning More About New Homes?

Our team of experts is more than happy to schedule a meeting in which we can walk you through every step of our home-buying process and get you familiar with the upsides of buying a newly built home in 2024. We also have resources that can help you familiarize yourself with what to expect when buying a new home with Koelbel. Before you get started, why not take a look at our newly built and move-in-ready homes?

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