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HOA vs. Metro Districts — What’s the Difference and Which One Is Right for You?

When you’re looking to buy a home, you’ll most likely come across the terms ‘Homeowner Association’ (HOA) and ‘Metropolitan District.’ You’ve might’ve heard these terms in TV shows or movies, HOAs, in particular, are often mentioned, usually personified by one or more nosy neighbors who care too much about the rules. But what do these words actually mean? What do they provide? Is someone actually going to come measure your grass with a ruler?

The truth is that both HOAs and Metro Districts are nothing to fear. In fact, they’re there to make your life easier by introducing ways for homeowners to share and minimize the cost of caring for a variety of community common areas. A metro district is a local government entity that provides public services and infrastructure to a new planned community, whereas a homeowners association is a private organization that manages and enforces rules and regulations within a particular residential community.

What Is An ‘HOA’?

A Homeowner Association is typically created by the original developer of a community. The HOA sets a list of ‘covenants’ or conditions that must be met and followed by residents. Most often, the HOA is organized as a nonprofit corporation that hires a management company to handle the work and enforcement of the set covenants. The initial HOA Board is made up of directors designated by the developer until certain thresholds are met within the community when residents are required to be added to the Board. As more residents move into the community, they are elected to replace the board members until the HOA is finally made up completely of homeowners.

The Benefits of an HOA

So, why would you want to live in a community with an HOA? HOAs are all different but overall, they maintain a variety of improvements. An HOA can provide benefits such as maintaining property values, preserving neighborhood aesthetics, and facilitating community engagement through shared amenities and consistent standards.

CityHomes at Boulevard One & Prelude at TAVA Waters

CityHomes at Boulevard One is within walking distance of Lowry Town Center and provides residents with city living on a grand scale. Here, the HOA provides maintenance of the exterior of the homes, landscaping, and snow removal from the main sidewalk to each front door. Other important responsibilities include carrying insurance and the review and approval of any proposed changes for the exterior of the building. If you want to learn more about this community, what the HOA provides, and see available homes, check out the community page here.

Prelude at TAVA Waters lies within a highly amenitized gated community and provides residents with stunning townhomes as well as a range of attractive onsite amenities. The HOA here is responsible for maintenance of the common areas, landscaping, roadways, shared utilities, and snow removal as well as architectural review. Find out more and take a virtual tour on the community page here.

What Is a Metro District?

A metropolitan district is a specialized form of local government that is often established for the purpose of providing essential services and infrastructure for a new planned community. A metropolitan district is essential for a new planned community as it enables efficient service provision, tailored governance, and financing of infrastructure. It ensures centralized management of essential services and allows for decision-making that addresses the community’s specific needs. By issuing bonds or imposing special assessments, the district can generate funds for infrastructure development. It also provides mechanisms for long-term maintenance and sustainability while promoting community involvement and local control. In summary, a metropolitan district creates a self-sustaining and vibrant community that meets the unique requirements of its residents.

Montmere at Autrey Shores

Our community Montmere at Autrey Shores is a prime example of a community with a Metro District rather than an HOA. Just as you’d expect, the Metro District is responsible for things such as roadways, general landscape and walkway maintenance, snow removal, site lighting, architectural review, and more. Again, in terms of what is provided for residents, Metro Districts and HOAs function very similarly. Want to learn more about Montmere, its incredible location, and the Metro District services? You’ll find all that and more on the community page here.

So, Which One Is Right for You?

At the end of the day, for most residents, there is no big difference between an HOA and a Metro District. Both care for shared spaces that would otherwise require you and your neighbors to work together to do. They give you peace of mind regarding things like snow removal and important responsibilities like architectural review.

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Note — This article is a high-level summary of the differences between Metro Districts and Homeowner Associations. Always consult your community-specific documentation for official rules, regulations, and policies.

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