Koelbel and Company, Mike Biselli Join Forces to Create Denver’s Health Technology Innovation Campus

March 25, 2015

Denver, CO – Koelbel and Company and Mike Biselli today announced a new and exciting partnership that will create the highly anticipated health technology innovation campus in north central Denver. The partnership is a perfect match for Denver with the experienced and respected Colorado real estate developer Koelbel and Company and Mike Biselli, a successful health technology entrepreneur and key leader to the Colorado Digital Health Ecosystem.

“Today, as I have officially partnered with Koelbel and Company, our community has taken another huge leap forward toward making Colorado the top digital health cluster in the nation by 2020. My vision and dream of creating a health technology innovation campus in north central Denver is incredibly well positioned for success,” said Mike Biselli. “Koelbel and Company’s commitment and passion will spur our community forward immediately. The attention and interest I continue to receive from national leading healthcare providers, payers, technology companies/startups, academia, as well as political leaders, has been incredible and is a testament to what all of us are creating! Its now time for our community to further elevate Colorado’s position as a leading state for innovation and opportunity!”

“Mike Biselli is a national leader in the health technology innovation field and his vision for a campus where entrepreneurs, Fortune 20 healthcare companies, and others who are dedicated to reimagining healthcare, will be able to collaborate together to design innovative technologies and care delivery models, all happening right here in north central Denver,” said Walter ‘Buz’ Koelbel, President & CEO of Koelbel and Company. “This development is one of the most anticipated in the state. We are proud to get started and look forward to building a world-class campus alongside Mike and the entire Colorado Digital Health Ecosystem.”

“Koelbel and Company knows first-hand how innovative and pioneering Denver can be when given the right environment to succeed. This development will create unparalleled potential and opportunity for our entrepreneurial and healthcare community,” said Carl Koelbel, Vice-President, Acquisitions and Developments of Koelbel and Company. “From the newly revitalized Union Station, to the emerging light rail line connecting the area to Denver International Airport and Anschutz Medical Campus, it makes perfect sense to build this health technology innovation campus in north central Denver.”

Today’s announcement marks a new relationship, between Koelbel and Company and Mike Biselli, to develop a health technology innovation campus that will foster new ideas and opportunities, with the goal of helping to solve the country’s huge healthcare crisis. Mike will bring his expertise in healthcare technology innovation to ensure the vision is realized and Koelbel and Company will bring their 60+ years of experience to build it. Stakeholders include: private enterprise (Fortune 20 to 1-person startups), academia, non-profit organizations, and political leaders.

About Koelbel and Company: Koelbel and Company is one of the oldest continuously operating real estate development firms in Colorado. For nearly 60 years, Koelbel and Company has consistently produced quality developments through extensive planning and research, long-term visioning and a steadfast commitment to responsible community development. For more information, visit koelbelco.com.

About Mike Biselli: After earning two degrees from Stanford University as a full-ride scholarship student-athlete, Mike has been focused on building an innovative and entrepreneurial healthcare career. He has been in the healthcare field for over a decade. Most recently, Mike has been working with government, academia, non-profit organizations, and private entities to envision and develop a health technology innovation campus in north central Denver, Colorado.  For more information, visit mikebiselli.com.

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