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What We Look For

There are certain elements Koelbel and Company looks for when considering new investments. Our acquisition criteria encompass: non-performing notes, value-add commercial projects, broken, block or stalled projects (existing and new), turnaround or overleveraged projects, properties in bankruptcy, and other transactions with a ‘story’ in which we can identify potential. Currently, Koelbel and Company is actively seeking value-add commercial acquisition opportunities throughout the US.

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How Koelbel Adds Value

Reputation & Credibility

Most of our competitors in the acquisitions marketplace do not have a similar history or reputation. We have already been able to leverage those to prove execution capabilities and secure acquisition targets below competitor’s bids by demonstrating a strong history of execution and integrity.

Belief in Innovation

Since inception, we have been at the forefront of identifying innovative real estate trends in the market and providing developments that meet the ever-changing demand.

History of Success

Koelbel and Company has a multi-generational history of creating value for multiple property types and 40+ years of property and asset management for commercial properties.

Deal Making and Financial Capabilities

Along with an expertise in contract negotiation, due diligence, and closing, we also have a long-standing reputation of completing complex and creative financing solutions.

Strong Partnerships

Strategic, long-standing alliances give Koelbel and Company consistent deal flow and access to data and analytics not available to other developers or investors.

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Taylor Cox
Director of Acquisitions
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