Innvous Exterior

A New Concept Ready to Revolutionize the Defense Industry

Revitalizing & Simplifying

Innovus is here to change how the defense industry works by creating highly amenitized, secured facilities that will help contractors compete in and win the war for talent. Traditionally gray, lead-lined boxes, secured facilities are a necessary component of defense work. Koelbel is partnering with DeNOVO Solutions to change their drab, austere, and uninspiring connotations by developing a secured office space that makes it easier for federal and contracted employees to do their jobs. Innovus will introduce amenities such as cafeterias, fitness facilities, a cafe, and other comforts that have never before been available in the industry.

Pioneering New Territory

Since our founding, Koelbel has always been a keen observer of upcoming real estate trends, allowing us to adapt to embrace the ever-changing demands of the market. Colorado has a long history of military and defense work conducted in the state. Utilizing our 70 years of experience, we are entering the space to make strategic improvements to what has, at least in terms of real estate development, traditionally been a stagnant industry.

Scheduled to Be Completed in 2025

INNOVUS breaks ground in Aurora in 2023. The finished facility will have a four-story, 200,000 square foot footprint. Upon its completion it will feature everything most come to expect from luxury workshare spaces and more, including event and meeting spaces, a fitness center, lounges, and of course top-of-the-line IT services. Plus, with plans for an open pavilion and garden it won’t just be the inside that impresses.

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Don’t Miss Out

Now’s your chance to secure a space in a secure facility that’s state-of-the-art in more ways than one. We’ve already received interest from several tenants and fully expect the facility to be completely leased before breaking ground. For questions, please contact:

Dean Koelbel

Get Directions

INNOVUS shoulders the burden of complicated and expensive certifications, making it easier and more approachable for tenants while simultaneously introducing amenities to the industry for the first time.

Cellphone-approved Areas
Food Delivery
IT Services
Cyber & Personnel Security
Primary & Backup Power
Comfortable, Moderns Workspaces
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