Why Affordable Housing Matters to Koelbel

Investing in affordable housing means investing in the community.

Viewpoint Project – Koelbel & Company Profile

March 3, 2022

As shown on PBS’s Viewpoint Project program.

At a time when many Americans are just one missed paycheck away from losing the roof over their heads, creating housing security is more important than ever.

When you can’t count on your home being yours beyond your next paycheck it stops you from being able to save up for future education, family needs, or even a down payment on a property to own. The reality is that many of the people most affected by this housing insecurity are those providing essential community services, including law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and more. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many in these groups to afford living in the communities they serve, requiring costly and time-consuming commutes.

Koelbel is committed to doing what we can to help this problem and alleviate the pressure on those most affected. Not only is it a shame that people cannot live and be part of the areas they serve, but it’s also causing new problems such as increased congestion on roadways during commuting hours and limiting the available time that these essential workers have to spend with their families and on personal pursuits.

When we invest in affordable housing projects, we invest in the people who need housing, their families, and their communities. Projects such as Talus at RidgeGate in Lone Tree are vital to combating harmful trends and bettering opportunities for people and businesses — providing affordable homes for so many families while minimizing the negative stigma often associated with the term ‘affordable housing’.

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