Take a Brewery Tour & Tour New Homes at the Top of Tennyson

February 18, 2017

Elevate cdq3zisoegy unsplash

Discover a new brewpub and the new homes at 5390′!

Tour a 5390′ home and get a gift card for one of these neighborhood brewpubs!

Goldsport Brewing 50th & Lowell, Call to Arms Brewing 4526 Tennyson, DeSteeg Brewing 4342 Tennyson in the alley, The Grateful Gnome 44th, and Stuart, Hogshead Brewery 4460 W 29th

Find us at the northern tip of Tennyson Street with easy access to five microbreweries. Surrounded by Willis Case Golf Course, panoramic vistas, Tennyson Stree retail, and restaurants, 5390′ is just minutes from downtown and I-70.

See PDF for more information.

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